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by Joe & Aaron | Salon Consultants

What's the Point in the Dyson Airwrap? WTP 1

Posted 13/12/2018 09:32:48

What's the Point in the Dyson Airwrap? WTP 1

What's the point is a web series where Joe & Aaron explore the virtues of Salon's and salon business from products to management and everything in between. The first show was about the Dyson Airwrap, a new and innovative electrical tool that has been launched by one of the most impressive electrical companies in the world. Joe's client asked him to test it out for here and we couldn't resist the challenge however on finding out the price tag was £450. Aaron asked Joe "What's the point? They are trying to Fix something that isn't broken." Et Voila What's the Point was born! We hope you enjoy our findings. We hope to provide genuine useful consumer advice in our own inimitable way.

What's The Point in the Dyson Airwrap?
Written and Produced by Joe Mehmet & Aaron Dorn

In today's show Joe and Aaron discuss the virtues of the Dyson Airwrap.
Show Notes:


About Joe and Aaron

Joe And Aaron are Storytellers, Critics and Idealists. Two Hairdressers trying to answer the important questions in life (tongue is firmly in my cheek) such as What's the Point?
Their philosophy is "The higher you climb the better the view!" and they try to apply this mantra to life.

The idea behind "What's the Point" is to deconstruct world recognised products, brand & business models in a transparent and honest way. You can expect News, Current affairs, some hair related chat and fundamentally whatever we feel like. And maybe a product review or 2.

Who is Joe ?
Multiple salon owner in the posh parts of London. Joe's high profile client list has shown that he has dominated the top elite hair salons in London for 25 years. During this time he mentored a plethora of successful hairdresser's. Joe is now currently working on an exciting project due to be released sometime next year (2019)

Who is Aaron ?
Aaron a computer programmer with a background in finance. During the early days of the Internet. A chance meeting with a hairdresser turned his world upside down and he has been involved with hair ever since. Starting as an apprentice, Aaron developed a keen eye for detail via session hairdressing. Working with top brands & industry greats, Aaron's hair work has been published in magazine's all over the world. Platform artist and educator he has advised for City & Guilds and was a founder of the critically acclaimed 'The MHFed.'
Aaron still does hair and maintains a loyal clientele in the salon. He also consults for a software company. Whilst creating content for a number of brands including Joe and Aaron

The aim of WHAT'S THE POINT is to introduce you to and provide you with a unbiased, unsponsored review of different electrical tools and hair care . We like to deconstruct the technique's and motive behind the brands as well as the items. Each product we use is researched before deciding to make a video and we try and provide you with as little conjecture as possible.The views on this YouTube Channel are our own and are based on having too much time on our hands.

The products we use in these films are either bought by J & A , are part of our professional kit. We aren't paid for producing the videos you watch. Some of the vids contain affiliate links in the description. We really appreciate if you give us feedback we will read every comment and hay if what we have showed you helps you in anyway please helps us continue to make this content by supporting the channel thru clicking on these links to continue support this channel that would be very lovely, thank you.

Products mentioned in this show :
GAMMAPIU hairdryer 
YSPARK combs & brushes 
PIVOT POINT mannequin head